August 2019


Are you looking to get a job at Costco? Our guide can help you apply for Costco careers to get your dream job.

Costco are a multibillion-dollar organization with locations across eight countries. They are the third-largest retailer in the United States, with a wide range of services available to club members. Costco offer a variety of Costco careers, including work in the warehouse, their stores, and even home office jobs. Keep reading to learn more about how to get involved with Costco business.

What do Costco Value in Employees?

While Costco are an international company, they still manage to offer that comfortable family atmosphere that employees can thrive in. They’re an excellent company to work for. They value a wide variety of employee traits, but the most important traits they look for are ambition, integrity, and a service-oriented mindset.

  • Ambition

Costco provide employees with plenty of chances to grow personally and professionally. That’s why they value the ambition to succeed so much. If you are ambitious and want to succeed, then you have a bright future ahead of you with Costco.

The company looks to hire energic employees that can keep up with the fast-paced working environment. When applying for a job with the organization, be sure to highlight past experiences of growth within a company. Demonstrate how you worked your way up the corporate ladder; such as how you rose from being a cashier to being an assistant manager.

You can also show your ambition through your knowledge of Costco and their operating practices. Be sure to research Costco optical hours and Costco holiday hours when researching Costco careers. Demonstrate that you truly understand the company and why you would be a good fit for them.

  • Integrity

Costco place a lot of value on people who are ethical, honest, and demonstrate integrity. They want employees that have the best interests of the company and their customers at heart. Costco have earned a reputation for warding loyal and hardworking employees. It pays to showcase integrity with Costco careers.

Take some time to showcase some examples of when you worked towards a common goal of excellence. You can make a note of it in your application and bring it up during the interview. The hiring manager is likely to ask you for more details if it is something that impresses them.

  • Service-Oriented

Costco is a service-oriented business, so they need service-oriented people working at the Costco court, in the warehouse, and across their various locations. Anyone interested in Costco careers must be service-oriented and ready to help customers. You should give every customer the best possible experience when dealing with them.

Costco Careers

If you’ve got previous experience working in customer service then you should be sure to highlight in your resume. Be sure to mention any times that you went above and beyond for a customer. Show Costco that you care about customer service.

What to Include on your Resume

There are several things you should consider including in your resume when applying for a job at Costco. IT should start with a professional summary of up to 5 sentences. This should highlight your ambition, integrity, and service-oriented accomplishments and experience. It’s the first thing a Costco hiring manager will look for. Make it attention grabbing.

You should aim to include specific accomplishments on your resume. Highlight how you increased sales, improved workflow with new tactics and ideas, or saved a previous employer money. Be sure to use quantitative information with these accomplishments. This demonstrates how much of a contribution you made, and how much of a contribution you could make to Costco if they hired you.


There are a wide variety of Costco careers available, including being a cashier, store manager, membership marketing manager, HR specialist, heavy equipment manager, and more. Do a little research on the company and highlight your accomplishments in your resume to improve your chances of being hired.

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