Tesco UK is one of the largest grocery store chains in the UK. Tesco Pharmacy allows shoppers to order prescriptions while shopping.

Everyone has heard the name “Tesco” before. This chain of supermarkets has locations just about everywhere. Different branches of Tesco have their own extra departments, including Tesco Pharmacy. It’s a great way to get your hands on medicine – both over-the-counter and prescription medication – while shopping.

Tesco themselves market their pharmacy by telling you to drop in your prescription and do your shopping while their friendly Tesco Pharmacy team processes it for you. Assuming the medicine is in stock, it’ll be ready and waiting by the time you finish your regular shopping.


Tesco Pharmacy is there to help whenever you need medicine in a hurry. Their stores are generally open late, and they stock over 3,000 medicines. If what you need isn’t in stock then they’ll get it for you within 24 hours. Just come back the next day and pick up your prescription as usual.

The pharmacists in store can help you to understand your medicines. They know what goes into the medicine and the best way to take it for effective and safe results. Talk to them if you have any questions about your medication and how it may interfere with other medications you are taking.

If you aren’t able to get your prescription from your GP for any reason, just let them know. Their friendly staff can take care of everything for you by getting the prescription for you. Medications are dispensed while you wait, or you could use the time to do your shopping.

Every year, beginning in mid-September, Tesco offers NHS flu jabs through their pharmacy services. These jabs are made available for the over-65 and for certain other groups. Talk to a member of staff to see if you qualify for a flu jab.

Tesco Opening Hours

Given that the pharmacy is built into the store itself, the opening hours can vary depending on the opening hours of the store. In general though, Tesco keeps their pharmacies open between 8:00 – 23:00 Monday to Saturday and 10:00 – 16:00 on Sunday for stores that are open 24 hours. Be sure to check with your local Tesco to double check when they – and their pharmacy – are open.

Tesco Pharmacy Team


Don’t worry about the quality of the Tesco pharmacists working in the store. Tesco UK take their pharmacy seriously. All Tesco pharmacists are trained for six months before being put behind the counter so they understand how to run a pharmacy and offer the best possible care and service to customers.

Tesco pharmacists are also all NHS registered and qualified. They are people who have studied medicine extensively and they can provide just as much care, assistance, and advice as any other pharmacist from any other pharmacy. If you’re interested in joining the Tesco pharmacy team, then check out the careers section of their website for any openings.

Check Out Tesco Pharmacy

If you’re looking for a pharmacy that’s open when you need them and has a lot of medication on hand, then you should see what Tesco Pharmacy can offer. Their pharmacists are all fully qualified and trained to the Tesco standard of customer service. Get prescriptions while you wait and get your yearly flu jab courtesy of Tesco UK.


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